Application Guidelines

Requirements for admission


Application period 

                       From                 Till                             Month of Entrance

Spring        20-10                  20-11                                   April 

Autumn     01-03                  20-05                             October 


Application requirements

1. Applicants who have completed 12 years of a formal school education (primary and secondary educations) done in other countries than Japan

2. Applicants who can certify their solvency for study and living in Japan

3. Applicants who have Japanese Language Proficiency Test Certificate of 4th grade or (JLPT) N5 and/or certificate from a Japanese language school (150 hours of study or more).


Application documents (1) 

      1. Application for enrollment (filled by an applicant himself)

      2. Curriculum vitae (Personal History)

      3. A letter giving the reason for entering Japan (the purpose of the applicant’s desire to study the Japanese language and what he/she  intends to do after completing the Japanese language course) (written by an applicant himself)

      4. 7 photos (40mm X 30 mm taken within 3 months). A photo should be taken without a hat on a white background


Certificates (2) 

As long as copies are not allowed, the certificates must be submitted in the original accompanied with the Japanese translation.  If the translator is not an applicant by himself, in this case the name, the place of living, the phone number and the sign of the translator must be attached.

      A.      General Certificate of Education

        1. The last original certificate of degree or diploma earned

        2. School marks (grades) from the last school attended (original)

        3. In case if an applicant is still studying, he/she must submit the following certificates from the school attended:

       ・Certificate of enrollment

       ・Certificate of academic performance

      B. Certificate that states the completion of the Japanese language course

        1. If an applicant has passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) of any level, he/she must submit the appropriate certificate with marks in original. In case if an applicant has failed to pass the JLPT, the certificate with marks must be also submitted.

        2. If an applicant has completed Japanese language course at high school or university, he/she must submit the certificate of academic performance.

        3. In case if an applicant has completed the Japanese language course at the Japanese language school, the certificate of graduation must be submitted.


      C.If an applicant is working at the moment of application, the certificate of employment must be submitted. Certificate of employment must show position and length of employment.


Documents about the sponsor (3) 

      1. Certificate of bank balance and copy of bankbook or statement of the account

      2. In case if an applicant’s sponsor is his/her  father, mother, husband or wife, please submit the following certificates in addition to the  documents described above:

Financial Support Statement (Prescribed Form)

Certificate of bank balance, certificate of employment, certificate of income and tax payment for 3 years

Certificate that states relationship between the sponsor and an applicant (copy of the Certificate of Family Register, marriage certificate etc.)


Copy of a foreign passport (4) 

 Please, make a copy of all the filled pages of a foreign passport.


Other (5)


By the decision of Immigration Bureau of Japan, all submitted documents are examined by the school itself first. After the examination, school applies for a status of residence in order to obtain permission from Ministry of Justice (Immigration Bureau of Japan). Examination fee is 27,000 yen. 

Application documents


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