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Message from short-term study abroad students

  The short-term study abroad life in Japan finished soon, but after graduating from university, I think that applying for studying abroad for two years is good. Since I have studied Japanese in Russia a few more years and I have traveled to Japan, I think that I am aware of Japan a lot but I think that the short-term study abroad life in this 2 months is recognized by Japan It got deeper.

  Because I want to grow my Japanese ability more and more for my reasons for studying abroad, during this time I prepared not only Japanese but also various events to entertain international students. There were countless events such as flower decorations, beer factory tours, Edo Kiriko, Japanese culture experiences of Kabuki, and so many important memories remained. It was a really good study.

When I was a high school in Taiwan, I lived in my parents' house all the time, so I can say that the daily life of the men's dorm is the first experience. I lived in Tsutomu dormitory, and breakfast and dinner dinner together with my dormitory friends. Talking about today's lives while talking about meals, I got closer to each other. And since everybody's country is there, there are people from China, Russia and Sri Lanka, so we can now understand more about foreign countries. Boys will not forget the life they spent everyday.

  While I was in Japan, I spent more time enjoying it than I thought, and now I like Japan more. The teachers at Edogawa International School and my friends who had been studying abroad also became indebted to us indeed. I really appreciate your kindness.


                                                                                                                                                                                  Sunday, August 2017


                                                                                                                                                                                  From short-term international students

About part-time jobs when studying abroad


  At Edogawa International Japanese School, we hold seminars for students seeking part-time jobs, teaching how to find job information, how to apply, how to interview and practice, how to work with lecture and practice.


  International students who are staying in Japan with their study abroad visa can apply 28 hours a week, 40 hours a week if there is no class such as summer vacation or spring vacation if they apply by applying for permission for activity outside the status of qualification. Part-time jobs are not only an economic aid for studying abroad. Through part-time job you can know Japanese culture and customs. It will also be a valuable opportunity to actually practice Japanese learned at school. Many international students are improving their Japanese language skills by working part-time. Please try the part-time job by keeping time limit and rules. It will surely help you to improve your Japanese and acquire natural Japanese.

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